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No More Desire Addiction Recovery

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I struggled with porn addiction, food addiction, video game addiction, and other mental illnesses for many years. Cravings would get so intense sometimes it felt like I could hardly breathe - like my brain was on fire. I desperately searched for a way to long-lasting recovery & mental wellness, but nothing I tried seemed to work long-term. I wondered if there were a way to not only recover from addiction, but experience true relief. I wanted to be FREE, so I could finally have the quality relationships, confidence, motivation, and potential I knew were waiting for me. Years of study took me to ancient wisdom. There, I came to understand that the same things driving my addictions were also driving mental health issues like anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, attention issues, and low energy and motivation. I found answers to not only quit porn and my other addictions, but to experience mental & emotional peace. My courses & meditations teach you daily practices to help you reshape thought patterns & beliefs & more deeply connect with God, so you experience a transformation in mental health & naturally lose your desire for addiction over time. For Addiction Recovery Help go to: